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1. Product Feature: High standard quality of workmanship is used in our all products.
Jacket: To make sure of our quality product each and individual item will go through quality control process. Suits are always with full lining with interlining and hand stitched canvas on the front part of jacket. There are two layers in between the cloth and lining in the jacket at front. Wool mixed shoulder pads are used to shape up shoulders. Matching color good plastic buttons are used in jacket and waist coat however customers preferences will be considered shall there be any request on this issue. Jacket has standard three pockets inside and three pockets at outsides.

Pants: Trousers half lined at front part below the knees are standard; however they can be half lined front and back or fully lined front only or front and back with extra cost. Normally, zipper fly at front will be in pants but button-fly at front can also be ordered on special request without any extra cost. Clasp and button are used in pants. Pockets from side and back one or two pockets are on pants.

Vest: Our vests are fully lined like jackets but without any padding on shoulders.

Shirts : All our custom made shirts are with fused collar and collar stays attached and stitched from inside so the stays do not come out easily. Two layers of material on the horizontal shoulders on back are our shirts good features. Cuffs are fused .So they stay stiffer rather than turning-up at all times. Double or single cuffs on shirts are customer's choice. Unless there is special instruction, the shirts are with single cuff.

Tuxedo: Tuxedo contains the same standard as of jacket but it does have satin facing on lapels, upper pocket's band, lower pocket's rims, satin covered buttons, satin facing strap on pants which follows outer seam from top to bottom. Wing tip collar with several pleats at front of the shirt are basic feature of tuxedo.

2. Process in Custom Tailoring: Once an order from customer is received, it is supposed to be a complete order with material chosen, measurement submitted, style selected and payment done. Hence the order is confirmed the measurement will be rechecked and sourcing of material starts. Our master tailors will do cutting of each and individual item in accordance with the style and size. When the items are ready it goes to QC (Quality Control) process and style checking branch. When approved by these two, it is ready for packaging and shipping. It will take about three weeks time from the date of payment to complete the order and delivery.

3. Ordering Process: Our online ordering process is very comprehensive and simple. Going through style of your choice is probably a first step to decide the style you looking for. You can go to Fabric Search and confirm material. To submit your sizes please go to measurement form fill up there accordingly. Even after doing so , if many things are complicated ,please send your order as an email.

4. CMT Orders: The term CMT in tailoring stands for Cut- Make - Trim. This means making a garment from fabric supplied by a client. You would send us your material to make individual item fit to you. The CMT order would deserve our normal standard workmanship with full customer service motto.

5. Resellers : There are abundant possibilities to become a reseller via our online custom tailoring. To promote your entrepreneurship we would be glad to train you professionally on how to do measurement solving troubles regarding alteration, motivating customers, and obviously offering special rate for Resellers. We could be available for discussion in your convenience.

6. Order position/ Shipping/ go around : Your order position is updated regularly. There are some phases of your orders.

(A) Dispensation : This is basically processing stage. Doing payment and getting necessary document, checking sizes and harmonizing them.
(B) Sourcing: Looking for material. Getting or buying them and giving to tailors.
(C) Accomplishing : Executing the orders. In this stage the work is under construction in our factories.
(D) QC: Checkups. Quality control is here. Inspection of workmanship.
(E) Packaging: Just a step ahead of shipping.
(F) Shipping: It is a final phase in which the order is absolute and set to ship.
The going around time is about 4 weeks yet it may not take that extended.
7. Payments, Credit cards, Security issue, Payment options: When an order is submitted with complete information full payment is required to proceed your order. We are confident on our product's quality and leave our customers to judge. Payments can be done through PayPal.

8. Our Policies, Return Policy, Cancellation Policy: We always try to maintain high standard of our product however in some cases shall there any inferior quality be found in our product, we try to replace with our high standard product. In doing so, our valuable customer may not be assured of personal satisfaction. This kind of case will result 80% of your money Refund. Order cancellation is not encouraged however cancellation of order must be informed before accomplishing stage. After 'accomplishing stage' cancellation is not honored.

9. Catalogues and Swatches: While choosing style of particular item you may send any picture you have already, send us link, or email us the picture. We can provide you small swatches of material and they are charged very minimal only to cover cost of mailing.

10. Measurements, how to? When? What? : Taking a measurement yourself is a matter of pride not matter of problem. Become very relaxed, free and comfortable while measuring you. Just try with single item such as suit only, or shirt only, or pants only to get a result. Write your comments on how you have measured. If you are not so sure about this, please do not hesitate to give us a call to receive instruction on how to be measured. Or have us call you. This will make you more confident on your size. This will help you be master of you well- fitting clothes and liberates you from being a slave of ill-fitted clothes. Only an inch tape is required to measure you which can be bought in any miscellaneous shop in your local area. Standing in front of your dressing mirror at home or at work place, office, bathroom, you can follow instructions on our measurement form and measure yourself or can ask your friend, relative or persons of close proximity to measure you up.

11. Accessories, Special request, Monograms: These are extra things which are not necessary however if you include those specific things you would feel more happy and satisfied. Without these extra details the custom made clothes are still custom made 100%. So this is just a personal happiness and personal pleasure. These extra things are like contrast lining in jackets, monograms (initials of names) on shirt's cuff, pockets, collar etc. and hand stitched lapel and pockets on jackets. Cuff links and tie pins are accessories. Doing extra things mentioned above takes little longer time and it adds on cost. Hand stitched lapels and hand stitched pockets on jacket costs extra US $ 20 contrast lining in jacket costs extra US $ 20, monograms cost extra US $ 10, set of cufflinks and tie pins costs US $ 25.

12. Fabric Care: Linen under any condition cannot be machine washed. Soft wash in cool water is always good however dry cleaning is always welcome. Pure cotton and cotton blend fabrics are both machine washed and hand washed. Wool is dry cleaned and soft wash but all jackets must go to dry cleaner. Silks are dry clean only. Wool blend fabrics are dry cleaned and hand washed. Any jackets in any material under any situation should go to dry clean only. Suit fabric which can be dry cleaned and hand /machine washed is better dry-cleaned. If jacket is dry cleaned and pant /skirt is hand /machine washed the shades could be different over times. So set of items used as suit is recommended to dry clean only.

13. Style Related Question: From where do I select style of my clothes? Can I create my own style? Brand name's style can be copied or not? What style of clothes fit me?

The above questions are normally found in customers mind while purchasing or ordering custom made clothes online since the finished product has not been discerned personally in reality. Yes, we are glad to accept any style you would like us to produce or we can replicate almost all popular brand names style. It is very comprehensive to see our styles with all descriptions however if there are any style specific questions like - what to choose, how does it look like on me, what style is better for my figure etc. Please feel free to call us anytime or ask by email we are always be in supportive, professional and practical help.

14. My Account Section: This is a page on our website where you can see all your order details after you log on using your password on our website The password is provided by us.

15. Pricing, Cost, How much, Shipping Cost: To keep the burden off we would not charge any extra for shipping. The price displayed on our website is an ultimate price for each item. All prices have been tried to keep to give better price and better fit in compare to off - the - rack's high price and ill-fitting.